AnimalSave: Finding Their Forever Homes

Since 1975, AnimalSave has been a champion of dogs and cats in need, serving people and their furry companions in Nevada County, CA. Early in 2010, AnimalSave asked Studio Nuñez for help with print and online projects to support major fundraising events. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a worthy organization.

We first revised their old logo, simplifying it so it would look great at any size or resolution. Then we interviewed key managers at AnimalSave, and with research in hand, we re-vamped content in their semi-annual print newsletters to give each issue an event-based focus. We also wrote copy, provided photography, and designed posters for key events.

Next came the website. AnimalSave's old site was frame based and difficult to quickly add to or reconfigure. Studio Nuñez solved that problem by building an entirely new site in a subdirectory, using WordPress. At cutover to the new site content, we migrated the new content without a hitch—and without down time. The new site is clean and dynamic, with several ways to navigate to pages and posts. Best of all, the staff at AnimalSave can post content to the site, quickly and conveniently. And we continue to teach AnimalSave staff about photo editing and advanced techniques for working in WordPress.

Because Studio Nuñez supports AnimalSave's work, we've pledged to maintain and further develop the site on a pro bono basis. Ongoing enhancements will include interactive forms and post areas that feature the organization's many success stories with animals.

Why do we help an organization like AnimalSave? Because we want every animal in Nevada County to have a place on the porch and be home by the fire.


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